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Tier I Automotive Parts Manufacturer Wins 1999 Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Year with GESI Design
GESI worked closely with the client in the design and construction of a $1.5MM, 4000 square feet, Phase II Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion. GESI was responsible for treatability studies, treatment plant equipment specification, design services, permitting, and construction. Additionally, GESI was able to reduce the overall project cost from $2.25MM to $1.5MM.

Machine Tool Coolant Process Costs Reduced by 300%
GESI was retained to modify the machine coolant filtration process for their Georgia facility. The modified process reduced cost of off-site treatment/disposal, and the use of “raw” coolant by filtering oil and particulate from the “waste” or spent coolant. Capital cost recovery is anticipated within 4 months.

Process Changes Allow Manufacturer to meet NPDES Discharge Criteria
GESI completed a Toxicity Reduction Evaluation (TRE) for this automotive parts manufacturing facility. Based on the results of chronic toxicity testing, GESI identified the raw materials and influent streams that were believed to be the primary causes of effluent toxicity. Modifications were made in the facility’s wastewater piping system to eliminate the discharge of this material into the wastewater treatment system.