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ACIMS Web-Based Data Management Program Reduces Regulatory Reporting Costs

GESI developed its Automated Chemical Information Management System (ACIMS) to automate the recordkeeping and reporting requirements associated with VOC and HAP emissions from chemical usage and surface coating operations. This system imports monthly material usage data from the clientís existing inventory management database and estimates emissions by both operational area and constituent. ACIMS also generates reports required by Federal, State and local regulatory agencies to demonstrate compliance with applicable regulations and permit requirements. ACIMS significantly decreases the time required to generate this information and increases the accuracy of the data submitted.

ACIMS is currently in use with the following clients:

  • A large package delivery service implemented the ACIMS program to automate air emission inventory calculations for its aircraft maintenance facility in Kentucky.
  • A large offset printer implemented ACIMS to track usage and emissions from the use of printing inks and blanket wash.
  • A utility vehicle manufacturer implemented ACIMS to track VOC and HAP emissions from surface coatings operations at manufacturing facilities in Alabama, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Indiana and Virginia. ACIMS is also used to track emissions from boom winding operations associated with the production of non-conductive parts.
  • A Tier 1 automotive supplier has implemented ACIMS at a number of locations. ACIMS tracks emissions from surface coating operations associated with the production of both interior and exterior automotive trim products.

TASK MANAGER Software System Helps Clients Meet Regulatory Deadlines

GESI developed the Task Manager software system to trigger reminders for both internal and external reporting requirements. Tasks are simply brief descriptions of work that needs to be accomplished with a start date, an optional end date and a recurrence frequency. When a task has not been completed and the current date falls within the Reminder Threshold, an email message is sent to all Users responsible for completing/updating the task. As the due date draws near, uncompleted tasks also generate email messages to appropriate management. These reminder notices occur at user-specified intervals and can be controlled by an administrator.

Data Management Program Provides Custom Solution for Automotive Supplier

GESI implemented a custom software program to ensure air compliance for a major automotive parts manufacturing facility. The program performs air emission calculations using data from existing manufacturing and accounting systems. These calculations demonstrate compliance with site-specific permit requirements.

Software Solution Simplifies Air Compliance at Glass Manufacturer

GESI designed and installed a Title V recordkeeping and reporting system that automated the analysis of the Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) data required for one of the facilityís glass furnaces.