Services: Engineering and Construction: Success Stories


Superfund Site Remediation Stabilizes an Ohio Landfill
GESI partnered with another consulting firm to complete the design and construction of a treatment system for contaminated groundwater and leachate recovered from this landfill site in Ohio. The design encompassed development of the conceptual design through the preparation of bid documents. The treatment system included physical/chemical heavy metal steps, a sequenced batch reactor (SBR) biological treatment system, sand filtration and activated carbon polishing. Treated effluent was discharged to surface water under an NPDES permit.

Engineering Solution for the Largest Water Treatment Chemicals Supplier
GESI was retained to evaluate and design process ventilation systems and scrubber control equipment at various locations throughout the U.S. Design conditions were developed to improve system capture, minimize worker exposure and reduce emissions. The design addressed the selection of new equipment, modifications to existing equipment, materials of construction and future plant expansion. GESI also oversaw construction and system start-up.

Tier I Automotive Parts Manufacturer Wins 1999 Wastewater Treatment Plan of the Year with GESI Design
GESI worked closely with the client in the design and construction of a $1.5MM, 4000 square feet, Phase II Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion. GESI was responsible for treatability studies, treatment plant equipment specification, design services, permitting, and construction. Additionally, GESI was able to reduce the overall project cost from $2.25MM to $1.5MM.

Machine Tool Coolant Process Costs Reduced by 300%
GESI was retained to modify the machine coolant filtration process for their Georgia facility. The modified process reduced cost of off-site treatment/disposal, and the use of “raw” coolant by filtering oil and particulate from the “waste” or spent coolant. Capital cost recovery is anticipated within 4 months.

Pollution Prevention Initiatives Identified for U.S. Air Force
GESI personnel, while employees of a national consulting firm, completed a multi-site U.S. Air Force (USAF) Base pollution prevention/waste minimization project. Baseline Waste Generation Surveys were produced for 26 USAF Air Combat Command bases across the United States and 6 overseas bases. For the baseline survey, data was gathered on hazardous waste, solid waste, air emission generation and on the usage of ozone depleting compounds (ODCs) and chemicals containing the EPA 17 Industrial Toxics. Recommendations were then made on ways to reduce solid waste and hazardous waste generation as well as alternatives for reducing overall air emissions. Finally, economic studies were performed to identify those changes likely to have the greatest impact.