Services: Data Management


In today's corporate operating environment, information is generated at an alarming rate from an ever increasing number of sources.  GESI excels at wading through this mountain of seemingly disconnected information to produce the 'gems' that will provide answers to critical business questions.

Historically, accounting and manufacturing data have existed in parallel worlds without any connection.  GESI has successfully designed, built, and implemented systems to 'mine' relevant data from the shop floor (via either PLC or SCADA systems), manufacturing systems (MRP), and accounting systems and combine the information in such a way as to produce a product whose combined value is greater than that of the individual parts.  Our knowledge of industrial and business processes helps us track down the appropriate information sources to solve the problem at hand.

GESI personnel have experience in the conceptual design of information management systems and databases.  Our designers are skilled in the use of a wide range of tools including Cobol, Visual Basic, Java, and ASP.  In addition, we have experience with database solutions based upon Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle.  We are also currently evaluating Open Source Solutions using mySQL and Linux to provide more flexible, cost effective solutions. 

GESI currently offers two internet based applications for use by its clients:

Automated Chemical Information Management System (ACIMS)

EH&S Project Manager

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