Services: Compliance and Management System Audits


GESI personnel have performed compliance audits for a wide range of industrial clients. Compliance audits are an important tool toward maintaining regulatory compliance and in identifying process improvements – both of which can translate into cost savings.

GESI’s approach to compliance audits involves not only a review of compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and permit requirements, but also management systems and practices in place to maintain compliance on a daily basis after process modifications. The goal of the GESI audit process is not just to identify compliance issues but also to provide recommendations to address these issues and improve a facility’s ability to maintain compliance.

GESI personnel conduct two primary types of compliance audits. The Environmental Compliance Audit is typically conducted with respect to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations and applicable state and local environmental regulations. The Safety and Health Compliance Audit generally covers the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, industrial hygiene programs and practices, medical monitoring programs, general accident reduction practices, and general loss control procedures.

Compliance audits are provided as a stand-alone service or are routinely conducted in conjunction with Phase I Environmental Site Assessments in support of a real estate or property transaction.

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