Services: Strategic Business Consulting Services


Because of our strong industry and technology focus, GESI can assist companies in evaluating how business processes can be optimized to better support operations. Many times this involves performing a thorough analysis of existing business systems and processes and recommending changes to streamline production and support operations. Not only do we review and evaluate manufacturing systems, but we also analyze traditional back end office systems to determine if they provide management with accurate and timely data with which to make business decisions. We can assist with accounting and MRP system analysis, IT infrastructure, and plant floor process control strategy review. We structure our recommendations to take advantage of ‘low hanging fruit’ initially to obtain a quick win and encourage buy in from all affected personnel. Once personnel see the positive value of the initial changes, they are more likely to support the implementation of more sweeping changes. Putting effective systems in place for accounting, design, and manufacturing activities enhances stakeholder value and can result in significant long term benefit.